Besides work, I like to stay as active as possible. Music, Skateboarding and Photography are three of the main things that keep me busy during my
spare time.

I have been DJing in various Clubs all over Austria (Club U, The Loft, Rockhouse, …). Since the spectrum of music-genres has reached hilarious atmospheres,
I like to name artists as a sounds like. Those are: Austra,
Depeche Mode, Hot Chip,
The Knife, Twin Shadow and
The xx. I play my sets by the synonym kväll.

Next to my passion for sound, I love to experiment with light. I work with both digital, and analogue cameras. I like to picture objects in a very bold way. I never picture strangers, when pictureing friends I take care about keeping a certain anonymity in my pictures. You can find a small selection of my photographs on top, ordered by cities.

Next to playing around with sounds I like to experiment with light. W I like to be on a constant journey throught light and sound.